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Rapid Rebound

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  • Helps in rapid recovery of the body.
  • Helps relieve pain and inflammation.
  • Helps maintain healthy weight

Customer Reviews

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Omar Mehdi

Rapid Rebound

Rob Crump
No response

The product just "ok" to me. Nothing special. However, I have made 5 separate attempts to cancel the reoccurring order, but have not received a response yet.


Hands down one of the best purchases of my life. And I love me some supplements. My energy, mood, and gut health has never been better since I started this. It helped me heal an entire lifetime of a tendency to slip into low grade depressions. It's just gone and I feel positive, happy and energetic. My gut health has never been better and I can tell I've gained more dietary flexibility. I used to not be able to work out every day due to being too sore, and now I can with plenty of energy to spare. This may not be a miracle product for everyone, but I think it can do wonders for many - and I am happily one of those people!

Tabor Pittman
Unparalleled for Recovery

Simply put, there's nothing like Rapid Rebound for reducing muscle soreness post-workout. I tell my friends that, without fail, it reduces post-workout soreness by 80-90% relative to the norm. I highly recommend it.

Perry Thomas
So far so good!!!

I am not as sore, I sleep better, think clearly, and workout more. If it is a placebo effect I don’t care but I think it is working very well.